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for Achievers With Disabilities

CAVINKARE ABILITY Awards are national awards that are awarded annually to four individuals with disability. Jointly instituted by CavinKare Pvt. Ltd., and Ability Foundation, these prestigious awards come in two categories:

  • CAVINKARE ABILITY Award for Eminence

  • CAVINKARE ABILITY Mastery Awards


​We are inviting nominations from achievers with disabilities for CAVINKARE ABILITY Awards 2023.

Last date to submit nomination: Sunday, 20 November 2022

Note: Nomination can be submitted for any one category only.

Please read the information given below carefully and fill the Nomination Form.

Award for Eminence

This is a single award given to an individual. It salutes the exemplary achievement of the individual with disability who has not only overcome great odds but has also contributed significantly to society by creating a social service organisation of his/her own.


The award carries a citation, a trophy and a cash prize of Rs. 2 lakhs.

Who Can Apply?

  • The Nominee should be a person with disability & an Indian citizen.

  • The Nominee should be the founder of a social service organization in India.

  • The Nominee's work should be evident and continuing at the time of nomination.

  • A minimum of two references must be cited.

Mastery Award

These are three awards given to individuals with disability in recognition of their extraordinary achievement in field of their choice – be it arts, film, medicine, science, industry, technology, education, community development, human rights, sports or more. The award is for a person who has defied social convention to follow their dream.

The awards carry a citation, a trophy, and a cash prize of Rs.1 lakh, each.

Who Can Apply?

  • The Nominee should be a person with disability.

  • The nominee should be an Indian citizen.

  • A minimum of two references must be cited.

Process of Selection

The selection process begins with advertisements calling for nominations. Any Indian national who has a disability (as per the Right of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016) and has done exceptional work in his chosen field is eligible to apply. The nominations are short-listed and representatives meet them for an in-depth understanding. Based on this, the nationally known eminent jury selects the recipients.

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For any clarification, contact:

Ph : 89396 75544



CAVINKARE ABILITY Awards were jointly instituted by Ability Foundation & CavinKare Pvt Ltd, in 2003 to honour achievers with disabilities who have soared beyond conventional barriers to realise their chosen dreams. They are national awards recognising exemplary services as well as accomplishments of the achievers. The world of social entrepreneurs, especially those with disability, is a lonely one. And those who have succeeded and brought about significant changes need to be recognised and appreciated.

Select a year to view the achievers of that year.

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